Sunday, July 3, 2016

Stodvarfirdi, Iceland: Petra's Stone and Mineral Collection

This stop brings us to the subject of collectors.

People collect all kinds of items, for no apparent reason. In this case, Petra of East Iceland started heading for the hills around 1946 and bringing home rocks. All kinds of rocks. She did it for more than three decades.

And then, after Petra's death, her husband decided to turn much of the house into a museum. "Petra's Stone and Mineral Collection" was thus born. Not only do visitors see the rocks, but Petra also collected key chains and branded pens.

The place bills itself as the world's largest privately owned stone and mineral collection. I have no reason to doubt it, although I do wonder about how much competition there is. There are a variety of stones here, although in hindsight it's easy to wish more of it was labeled. But if you like this sort of thing, well, it's here.

Here's a video look at the place:

Petra's legacy lives on here. Something tells me she'd be happy to hear that.

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