Sunday, August 28, 2016

Columbus, Ohio: Jack Nicklaus Museum

When you are someone like Jack Nicklaus, you've accumulated a lot of stuff over the years. It comes with the territory of golf's greatest golfer. You've got trophies from 18 major championships, other title trophies, awards, etc. It's tough to find space for it all.

Nicklaus decided to start a museum. He picked Columbus as its location, since he grew up in that area and attended Ohio State University. Therefore, you can relive Nicklaus' golfing life in the museum there.

Pictured is one side of the display of Masters' championship trophies. The Masters material is in one room, and other awards from majors have their own rooms too. There are videos everywhere. In addition, there are plenty of clubs, bags, etc. around. Jack's den has been recreated, and there are sections devoted to his golf course design and college days. The souvenir stand has some items for sale, although you should be warned that the golf shirts are really pricey.

Wayne Gretzky had the same problem as Nicklaus, and put some of his stuff in a Toronto restaurant. It's nice to have such items shared with the public.

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