Saturday, August 27, 2016

St. Clairsville, Ohio: Belmont County Courthouse

Sometimes there are unexpected treats just off the Interstate. This was one of them.

Welcome to St. Clairsville, Ohio. We felt that we needed to see the pizza chef statue in town, and made a quick detour. You can read about it in Roadside America.

But while looking for the pizza chef, we parked near this building and marveled at the design. It was the Belmont County Courthouse, sitting on the highest point in town (you can see it from the Interstate, I'm told).

The space has held a court house for more than 200 years. It first went up around 1808, when St. Clairsville was enjoying a boom because of the National Road. Then a new building went up in 1888, and it's still there today. Didn't have time to go inside, but I bet it's nice too.

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