Sunday, August 28, 2016

Zanesville, Ohio: Bicentennial Legacy Monument

Sometimes you just stumble on a piece of history. This statue along the waterfront in Zanesville, Ohio, is an example of that.

The statue that is shown here no doubt was planned for 1976, our nation's 200th birthday. The idea was to take four county residents who were about 50 years apart. And here are the winners.

John McIntire essentially founded the town. He worked opn the National Road, and was given three 640-acre tracts of land in Ohio. McIntire worked hard to build up the city and attract visitors. Zanesville was named the county seat because of his efforts. McIntire then headed a company that built a canal and dam, and the company exists to this day. It has assets of $13 million and gives scholarship grants each year.

Noah Norris was the last Civil War veteran to die in Zanesville. He was 98 at the time. Norris was African American who saw action in Virginia in North Carolina. Supposedly his selection honored the "common person" who saw his duty when it was needed and did it. The other two people are more famous - author Zane Gray and astronaut/Senator John Glenn.

We took a wrong turn in looking for the Y-Bridge, but discovered the park in the process.

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