Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: State Capitol

This blog has quite a few pictures of state capitol buildings. This one, though, is the only one with an oil well in the parking lot.

Welcome to Oklahoma City. The capitol offers quite a welcome to visitors.

This building has an interesting history. It was built in the 1910s, but the state didn't have the money to construct a dome on top of it. So it sat incomplete for more than 80 years. Finally, the dome was added in 2002 - a couple of million pounds of stuff had to be removed first - and it makes for an impressive site.

There are the usual paintings of state history and local heroes (Jim Thorpe, Will Rogers and Mickey Mantle are included). The Governor has an office there, and the legislatures and Supreme Court have working space as well. Free tours are given on the hour during the week.

Fact of the day: Oklahoma has the highest percentage of Republican legislators in the country.

Odd fact: A list of Oklahoma governors shows that few have been able to make any sort of impression nationally. The most famous Oklahoma politician might be Carl Albert, a speaker of the house. 

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