Saturday, October 15, 2016

Stroud, Oklahoma: Rock Cafe

You gotta eat somewhere when driving down Route 66. The Rock Cafe is a good spot for that.

As you could guess, it's been around forever - at least in terms of Route 66. The food is fine, the waitress is friendly, and so on.

The Rock Cafe's claim to fame, though, is a movie connection. Some people from Pixar visited the place in 2001, and immediately started to work on using images and a character ("Sally the Porsche," if you are curious) from the place for their movie, "Cars." The sign might look a little familiar in that sense. The inside has some souvenirs of the film.

We happened to be there when a couple of businessmen were driving a stretch of Route 66 in an attempt to call attention to a device that tries to improve communication between hearing and deaf people. Think of two laptops tied together, so that you can type your words so that both will see it. It's actually an interesting concept, perfect for young people who send texts and Facebook messages. (Old folks who don't type might have a tougher time.) The two representatives were quite nice, and gave us t-shirts for our trouble.

By the way, the bathrooms are filled with graffiti, so bring a pen when you do your business. Even the hallway has a ton of message. Be polite, and the staff will leave it up. 

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