Monday, October 17, 2016

Tulsa, Oklahoma: Sonic Center of the Universe

It's tough to know why this particular spot earned the name "Sonic Center of the Universe." That sounds a little pretentious.

But no matter what you call it, you should visit it if you happen to be in downtown Tulsa. Park on Archer St. (meters available) and cross the overpass bridge that runs above the railroad tracks. In fact, the old railroad station is on the other side of the tracks.

Then stand in the middle of the circle of the picture. And say something loudly. Don't scream, but speak up.

You, and only you, will be able to hear an echo of your voice come back. It doesn't work a few feet away, but it will work for you.

And that's why it's the Sonic Center of the Universe. There are concrete planters around that spot in the plaza, and someone has guessed that the sound reflects back to that point. But that takes a little of the romance out of it, and a little romance is always welcome.

By the way, that's one big building in the background - the BOK Tower. It's the centerpiece of downtown, and the second-tallest building in Oklahoma at 52 floors.

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