Friday, June 30, 2017

Owen Sound, Ontario: Harry Lumley Bayshore Community Centre

Every town in Canada either has a hockey rink or wants to have a hockey rink. Owen Sound is no exception. Welcome to the Harry Lumley Bayshore Community Centre - more on Harry on another page.

What's more, you can walk into the place at almost anytime of the day and take a look around. Which is what we did when passing through this pretty area.

It's mostly known as the home of the Owen Sound Attack of the Ontario Hockey League. That's a junior league (mostly ages 16 to 20, I believe) that's part of the feeder system to the National Hockey League. Other hockey and lacrosse teams play there as well, and I'd bet most of the community has done something there over the years.

Hockey facilities are affectionately called "barns" in Canada, and this certain fits the bill. When you walk inside, you can picture what it must be like to come for a hockey game on a cold winter night.

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