Sunday, July 2, 2017

Cross Village, Michigan: Legs Inn

Tiny Cross Village in North Michigan (but not in the U.P.) has a couple of attractions going for it. The first is the Legs Inn, a restaurant right on the coast of Lake Michigan.

For starters, as the photo shows, the place has a very unusual design from the front. But that's not all. The building has all sorts of hand-carved and natural decorations, which makes it a great place to explore. If you prefer eating outside, the backyard has a great view of the lake. There is a good-sized tavern in the complex, and live music is scheduled throughout the summer.

By the way, the specialty is Polish-American food. In fact, the sign introducing the Legs Inn as a Michigan Historic Site is in English on one side ... and Polish on the other. Can't say I've ever see that in such a marker.

Elsewhere in Cross Village, the "Tunnel of Trees" that goes through the forest along the shore. We did drive it, but it was something of a disappointment. It takes 22 miles to go through, and there are very few views of the lake along the way. Mostly, it's just trees. I assume September is the best time to drive this, but June was a little dull as these things go. At least it's not 15 miles per hour the whole way, as you can speed up every so often on the straight stretches. The Legs Inn looks like it would be worth the detour for a visit, but the leaves have to be turning to make a drive through the tunnel worth it.

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