Monday, July 3, 2017

Frankenmuth, Michigan: Zehnder's Restaurant

It's not illegal to skip dinner at Zehnder's when visiting Frankenmuth, but it's close. The chicken dinners are quite famous as these things go, so it's a must stop.

The usual order is the family style dinner of chicken. The food seems to keep coming and coming under the circumstances - potatoes, stuffing, cole slaw, bread, and on and on. The waiter said no one leaves without a bag of leftovers unless they are traveling. I believe it.

You can order off the menu too. Tip - if you are traveling the next day, just order a plate of the fried chicken. You won't feel so guilty wasting so much food. The price, by the way, is the same either way you go.

Speaking of tips, think about making a reservation if you know ahead of time if you are going. The greeter is rather smug if you haven't done so, making you stand in the corner to wait for a table. The restaurant is huge, so you won't have to wait long, but a reservation will help make the experience better.

This operation really needs to be seen in full:

The family also controls the Bavarian Inn, but they are two separate companies in a friendly competition. Zehnder's is No. 8 in the nation in terms of restaurant customers.

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