Sunday, July 2, 2017

Grand Rapids, Michigan: Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum

When it comes to remembering the Ford Administration, Jerry had a split personality. The library is in Ann Arbor, but the museum is in Grand Rapids. They usually go together.

This is a nice tribute to the 38th President in a space that went through a recent renovation. The layout is a bit confusing, but there's certainly plenty of information about this decent man who fell into the job under unique circumstances.

Kiosks tell the Ford story - growing up in Grand Rapids, off to college to play football at the University of Michigan, joining the armed services in World War II, and running for Congress. There's a good-sized section about Watergate, naturally, and more about the Ford years. Remember the ladder that became famous as the last Americans left Vietnam in 1975? It's actually here. Not sure how they got it, but they got it. Ford's days as an ex-President are also covered here.

Oddly, the last part of the tour is the most touching. Video clips of Ford's funeral are shown, and the tributes poured in to what a good man this was - liked by everyone in Washington. If you think we need more people in Washington who think that way, you are right.

The building is right on the riverfront in Grand Rapids. Jerry and Betty apparently liked it enough to be buried there. The museum is set in a park-like setting.

Here's what the new place looks like:

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