Monday, July 3, 2017

Lansing, Michigan: State Capitol

Most state capitols more or less look alike. There are big rooms for the legislatures, small rooms for the Governor and government workers, and a big dome in the middle. It's usually very well done, too.

That's the state capitol in Lansing in a paragraph. You'll find a few of such buildings on this blog, and this fits the pattern rather nicely. A security guard asked us which capitol we liked the most, and we said they were all rather similar.

Speaking of security, there are no metal detectors at the entrances. That's rather unusual as these things go. However, the security detail inside the building is a large one. The state wants to give the appearance of openness.

The building here went up in the 1870s, and was restored around 1990. As you'd expect there are portraits of former Governors in the halls. Few have gone on to bigger and better things - not that being Governor isn't a highlight. George Romney had a son who achieved a bit of fame in 2012 when he ran for President, of course.

Shown here is the Senate chamber. Check out those comfy chairs! Each Senator has a good-sized desk, and a chair for a staff member to help during work sessions. It's much more spacious than the House chamber; no wonder representatives like to move up to the Senate.

Here's how the whole place looks:

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