Sunday, July 2, 2017

Mackinac Island, Michigan: Surrey Hills Carriage Museum

Mackinac Island came up with a gimmick some time ago - don't allow cars. OK, I guess there are a few stashed away for emergency purposes. Otherwise, the roads are devoted to the use by horses and bicycles. It's funny to have to wait to cross a street until a couple of carriages go by.

The best way to see the main sights of island is on a horse-and-buggy tour. You'll get an explanation of what is there to see, and do it without pedaling.

After a ride through downtown, the carriage heads up the hill to the Surrey Hills Carriage Museum. Patrons get up the buggy at that point, and look around at a small collection of old carriages. It's all nicely presented. Here's one of the "taxis" that the Grand Hotel used to use for carrying its guests. You probably should know that there are some gift shops in the Museum complex, so clearly someone wants you to spend a little extra money during the break. Eventually though, the patrons get on a three-horse buggy and go on the rest of the tour.

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