Sunday, July 2, 2017

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan: Sable Falls

The best spots in Pictured Rocks are in the western section of the park. However, the protected area does stretch several miles to the east. Route H58 goes along the edge of the parkland, but if you are driving east eventually the road cuts to the coast.

The highlight in the eastern section is Sable Falls, a very pleasant waterfall in a wooded section. There are steps to the falls - about 200 of them or so - so it can be a bit difficult for some. But it is an impressive site, tucked into the wilderness.

A little hiking is needed to go to some other good spots in that section, such as Hurricane River and the Au Sable Light Station. You should know that seeing the Log Slide, an area used for logging once upon a time, is possible - but you have to climb up a very sandy hill to get there. We quickly decided we didn't need to fill our car with sand from our shoes. There's also a path near Sable Falls that essentially has been closed due to bear sightings. No need to mess with those critters.

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