Friday, March 27, 2009

Flemington, New Jersey: Northlandz

Words rarely fail me, but they do here.

Northlandz can do that to a person.

Picture a building about as big as a football field, three stories high. Then put miles and miles of model railroads in it, going over little bridges, chugging through towns, and going along carved-out mountains. Put a walking tour along it.

Then add a doll collection. And a music hall, complete with several church-style organs. Mix and stir for the two hours it takes to go through the place.

That's Northlandz. It was constructed by a software designer who loves model railroads and the church organ (he'll even play a song or two if you are lucky).

There is a larger train outside that can be ridden by visitors for an extra fee, but we found that to be a letdown after the inside of the place.

It's unique. You must go see it if you are in the area of Central New Jersey, period.

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