Friday, March 13, 2009

Johnstown, Pennsylvania: Johnstown Chiefs

The fans in Johnstown comes out to see their Chiefs ... the toughest team in the Federal, er, East Coast League.

Anyone who has seen the movie "Slap Shot" knows about the Chiefs. Therefore a trip to Johnstown to see them play is a must. This is the Chiefs' building, a classic War Memorial in downtown Johnstown. It's a fine old hockey barn, complete with a 50-50 draw. East Coast Hockey is kind of like Double-A baseball; the players have some skill but not enough to create openings for many scoring chances.

By the way, the movie mentions a statue of a dog that saved the town. It's being repaired, and has been for years. We couldn't find "The Aces" either, the bar in the movie.

Update: Sadly, the team folded fairly soon after this picture was taken. Johnstown no doubt still misses the team.

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