Friday, March 13, 2009

Lehighton, Pennsylvania: Country Junction

If you visit one of the rest stops on the Pennsylvania Turnpike extension, you'll find a brochure for "Country Junction," the world's largest country store. It sounded like a good distraction from a long drive, so we got off the Turnpike, drove five miles and took a look.

It's big, all right. But it sure looked like a big hardware store with a few other sections of merchandise to us.

Yes, there is a bit of a playground for the kids. Shown above is an unusual slide, and there's a similar big boat. The store itself does have some other sections besides top soil, such as furniture and candy. We didn't find the petting farm and wildlife exhibit, although we didn't look overly hard.

"Country Junction" certainly looks like a good place for that area's shoppers to fill all of their mulch needs. As for a cute tourist attraction for outsiders, well, there probably are better stops.

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