Friday, March 13, 2009

Milford, Pennsylvania: The Columns

The Pike County Historical Society keeps its artifacts in this building, which is rather close to the center of town. The building is an old Victorian mansion and quite nice. On the left side, just outside the side door, is an old stagecoach protected by glass.

Why, then, does this site just contain a picture of the outside of the building? A valuable clue is the way the sign in front is framed. You can see the hours of operation, and we showed up when the place was closed. Therefore, we didn't get to see the flag that contains Abraham Lincoln's blood, used the night he was shot and killed in 1865. (Supposedly his head was cradled in the flag after the shooting.) And we didn't get to see Milford's other historical treasures.

Kids, remind your parents that they should find out when a tourist attraction is actually open before going there. You'll save yourself some time. And if you do ever make it here, let us know how the inside is.

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