Friday, March 6, 2009

Lost Springs, Wyoming

Here's a way to get high on the search engine listings -- put up a site about Lost Springs, Wyoming. With a population listed as 1, you'd have to be on the first page for Google.

This is a tip from Roadside America. It is in eastern Wyoming, and there's a small catch to the place. If you are driving along US 20 from the west, you'll see a sign for Lost Springs (5 miles away, I think), but the town itself isn't marked. We went by the town, figured we had missed it and went back. That's where we saw the sign above.

According to sites on the Internet, the town has a few residents at this point (OK, three) and not just one. There are a few buildings, as you can see to the right of the train, and a mayor. The best part is -- the place has a Town Park. I guess it's the mayor's town, and he can do what he wants. But how does he get up a softball game? Or even a doubles tennis match?

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