Sunday, March 29, 2009

Polson, Montana: Miracle of America Museum

It's very difficult to describe The Miracle of America Museum. Some certainly would call this an eclectic collection of Americana. Some would call this a big junkyard, with military aircraft thrown in for good measure. Some might say it is closer to a flea market without the sales tags. And everyone would wonder how the Montana Fiddlers' Hall of Fame wound up here. (It's in a shed out back.)

The Miracle in the title indicates a "patriotic" viewpoint of history, which means that Fox News Channel viewers are more likely to enjoy this than others. The staff here is earnest and works on a small budget, so they at least appreciate the business. But they probably could get rid of a third of the items, and then present the remainder better to make it more interesting.

The drive along Flathead Lake to Polson to see the museum is wonderful, but it takes a particular type of person to enjoy all this. So do a little more research before deciding to go out of your way to see this attraction.

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