Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hungry Horse, Montana: Hungry Horse Dam

A few points jump out at the viewer of this page.

1. Hungry Horse is an odd name for a dam. It seems a couple of horses went free for a month during the winter of 1900-01. When they were found (in an unnamed location of Northwest Montana), they were almost starving. Presto - a name.

2. This is one big dam. It was difficult to get a photo that showed just how big it is, in part because it was pouring during our visit, but it's the 11th-largest concrete dam in the country at more than 500 feet. The reservoir on the Flathead River goes for miles and miles, as it controls flooding on the rivers downstream. The dam also adds to the power supply of the region.

3. The water level is mighty high. It doesn't look like it can take more rain. It was fine, though.

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