Friday, March 6, 2009

Toronto, Ontario: Honest Ed's

If you like modest, understated surroundings when you shop, this is not the place to visit when you are in Toronto.

Ed Mirvish has taken over a city block of the city for his store, which has a wide collection of merchandise. Ed is known locally for his silly publicity stunts, which always seem to work nicely. Ed didn't stop here when it came to empire-building. He's bought up some of the other property in the area. Ed also has become one of the leading benefactors of theater in Toronto, renovating a facility downtown and turning into a top attraction.

Mirvish has written a couple of books about his life, and they are as good-humored as you'd expect. His son, David, may not be quite as silly, but he's doing a good job of keeping the family business going.

If you stop at "South of the Border" on the Carolina borders, you'll like this place.

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