Friday, March 6, 2009

Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta: Prince of Wales Hotel

This may not be the most famous hotel in Canada, but it's probably in the top five. And it's probably in the top one when it comes to views from the hotel lobby.

The Prince of Wales was set up as a resort by the railroad company, designed to lure tourists to the Rockies. The hotel is located on a bluff. The town of Waterton Lakes is obscured by the hill from this angle; it can be seen from the backyard of the hotel. Of course, no one notices the town. Everyone looks at Waterton Lake and the surrounding mountains that run north-south, so that from the lobby you can see the United States. (Boat rides go to the other end of the lake.)

The rooms are little expensive, especially in season, so get a cheap one. After all, the lobby is open to all.

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