Saturday, April 4, 2009

Blackfoot, Idaho: Idaho Potato Museum

If you ever find yourself in Blackfoot, Idaho, get off the Interstate and head downtown. Then look for the converted train station. You'll find the Idaho Potato Museum - formerly the World Potato Expo. It's worth it, particularly if you are from out of state.

Most people associated Idaho with potatoes, and this capitalizes on the association. It's a quaint little museum, filled with all sorts of exhibits. There's a tribute to Dan Quayle, who famously couldn't spell potato once upon a time and thus helping to further destroy his image. There's even a burlap tuxedo, perfect for the next dinner-dance.

The treat came at the end when we identified ourselves to the somewhat bored teenager at the front desk that we were from out of state. The rule is, free taters for out-of-staters, so we left with a sack of potatoes. Almost made the whole trip worthwhile.

Blackfoot is fairly close to Yellowstone, so a visit isn't as outrageous as you might think.

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