Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lexington, Kentucky: Kentucky Horse Park

How often do you get to meet a genuine celebrity at a tourist attraction? The Kentucky Horse Park certainly comes through in this department.

Say hello to Cigar, one of the great horses of all time. Cigar came up a little, um, short at breeding time, so he was sent here to live a life of leisure.

This is a great public relations device by the horse industry. The park has several breeds of horses and a number of tours and instructional sessions. A museum also is on the grounds. It's all quite well done and interesting.

Speaking of celebrities, the park is also the setting for the burial site of Man O'War. He's considered one of the greatest horses ever, losing only one race ... to Upset, naturally.

By the way, you can take tours of working horse farms around Lexington. If you do, make a reservation early. A few months wasn't enough time to get us a spot. But the Kentucky Horse Park proved to be a good substitute.

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