Friday, April 3, 2009

Plymouth, Massachusetts: Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock is one of the most charming stories in early American history. Supposedly, the people on the Mayflower landed on the beach at Plymouth, set foot on the rock and marched into the New World.

Is is true? No one is saying. The story was more or less handed down by generations over the years, and at some point the local residents decided the rock needed its own shelter. Therefore, you can see the four-ton rock in something of a pit along the shoreline.

It's funny how some might think the first settlement came here, thanks to all the publicity the rock and the Mayflower get. Of course, The landing came more than a decade after Jamestown. And the Vikings certainly dropped by at some point. Then, there's the fact that the Native Americans were already here.

It's still a nice piece of history, though. And as I said when I was about 12 (I was joking for the record then, and now), how did the pilgrims do such a good job of carving the date of arrival on the rock?

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