Friday, April 3, 2009

Quincy, Massachusetts: John Adams' Gravesite

Historian David McCullough accomplished the remarkable feat of bringing John Adams back into the public eye when McCullough wrote a biography of the statesman. It led to an explosion of curiosity about this remarkable man; that included the HBO mini-series, which caused all sorts of hits for this page on the old Web site.

That probably meant that the United First Parish Church in Quincy has been pretty crowded since the book came out. Adams, his wife, Adams' son John Quincy, and his wife are all buried in the basement of the church. Before seeing them all, tour guides will be happy to show you around the church and tell you a bit about Adams. The pews were something of assigned seating in those days, so visitors can sit where John and Abigal sat. That's a surprisingly neat feeling.

John Adams is shown, and the rest of the family is in similar "surroundings."

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