Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Reno, Nevada: Aces Ballpark

Reno may not be a big-league city, but it's a Triple-A city ... if we're talking baseball. And the new stadium reflects that.

Reno has a great ballpark in the middle of downtown, a mere two blocks from the National Bowling Stadium and some major casinos. It opened in 2009, and hosts the Aces -- an affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks. We particularly liked the garbage cans that had team batting helmets on top of them.

Attached to the stadium is a nice restaurant that overlooks the playing field. It looks like a great place to sip a drink and watch the action. One tip -- if you are visiting the restaurant for lunch when the team isn't playing, save yourself a few dollars and park a few blocks away. There's a bit of a tariff to park across the street from the place.

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