Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Reno, Nevada: National Bowling Stadium

I have been to bowling heaven. You don't have to die to get there, just visit Reno.

The National Bowling Stadium is located in downtown Reno, only a couple of blocks from the famous sign pictured elsewhere on this site.

It's huge. No, really. It takes up a full city block. There are dozens and dozens of lanes (78, all told), and enough seats to hold a few thousand spectators. And the pro shop! It's bigger than some high school gymnasiums. You can buy all sorts of gifts in the place; we stocked up on key chains for friends.

The Reno Web site says there's nothing like it in the world. No reason to doubt that claim.

The picture shown here is that of a sculpture of a family getting ready to bowl. I believe there was a note on tourist literature that it was the most photographed sculpture in Reno; not sure what is second. It was donated by the Brunswick Corp.

Reno frequently hosts bowling tournaments. When we landed at the airport, we were stunned by the number of bowling balls that came out at the baggage claim area.

You'll never look at your local lanes the same way after seeing this place.

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