Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cass, West Virginia: Cass Scenic Railroad State Park

This picture reveals a big secret about the Cass Scenic Railroad. The engine pushes the passenger cars out of the station, and doesn't pull it.

West Virginia has all sorts of rail lines, particularly in the mountains where raw materials were collected. Some of them are collecting dust, so it's a good idea to use them as a tourist attraction in some cases. Cass is located just south of Green Bank in the mountains.

The railroad has two different tours -- one lasts 90 minutes and the other goes 4.5 hours. The season runs from May to the end of October, with the prices going up in September for those who want to see the change in tree colors.

And back at the station, there is a place to eat, a souvenir store, and a couple of historial museums. They will help kill the time until the train arrives. Complete information is at the company website. You really have to love old railroads to want to spend 4.5 hours around one, but if you qualify this is worth your time.

All aboard!

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