Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Slaty Fork, West Virginia: Sharp's Kissing Bridge

Here's that bridge to nowhere that Sarah Palin talked about a while back. OK, maybe not, but at least no federal dollars were spent on this covered bridge in 2005.

Ken Gibson's uncle, Dave Sharp, always wanted to own a red covered bridge. I guess Dave thought it was romantic. So Ken built one, right off Route 219. The bridge crosses a very small stream, and leads to a field on the other side. Therefore, driving across is not a great idea.

A better plan is to park the car at the post office just north of the bridge, and walk over to it. Some pictures are hung there, including some wedding shots. Bring a friend along so you can share a quick smooch.

By the way, there's a treat if you keep going down Route 219 south. There's a barn on the west side near the general store, and someone has put up a stuffed farmer handing from the edge of the second-floor door. Plus there is a ladder nearby but too far away to be of much help. You can find a picture of it here. I've never seen takemytrip.com before, but it sounds like I should look around.

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