Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lake George, New York: Magic Forest Theme Park

Any traveler who enjoys seeing odd attraction is used to the idea of making quick turnarounds after speeding by something that might be interesting.

Such was the case when we went by the Magic Forest Theme Park in Lake George (although it's right outside the north of Glens Falls on Route 9). A 30-foot statue of Uncle Sam always deserves a close look. Here he is, much bigger than life and towering over Santa Claus.

The park wasn't open when we went by, but the descriptions seem to indicate that it's an area mostly designed for very young children. In other words, adults need to brush up on their fairy tales.

The reviews of the facility range widely. It's an old-time park, which has its charms but probably could use a makeover in spots. Yes, there are bigger and newer parks down the street in Lake George, so it's fair to say that this will basically appeal to those who are so young they might find The Great Escape rather intimidating.

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