Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ticonderoga, New York: Fort Ticonderoga

The American Revolution might have come out differently had it not been for Fort Ticonderoga, located in New York State along Lake Champlain.

With the Americans in trouble in Boston, Colonel Henry Knox led the transport of 60 tons of supplies from the Fort to the eastern end of Massachusetts. Think about what a logistical nightmare that must have been in 1775-76, including the lack of roads and the many mountains. The cannons forced the British troops to evacuate Boston, and the Continental Army moved in.

That's the most well-known part of the Fort's history, but there is more to it. The location was an important one during the French and Indian War as well as the Revolutionary War. The area was originally called Fort Carillon, but the French abandoned it in 1759 and the British took over. The fort was renamed for Ticonderoga, and it grew in importance when Crown Point fell victim to a large fire in 1773. Near the start of the revolution, Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold thought Fort Ticonderoga was an easy target, and they were right.

The Fort has now become a good-sized tourist attraction for those visiting the Adirondacks. It's a great setting, with a fine view of the lake, and it's in a park-like area. There are all sorts of special events planned during the course of the year. One note - it's a short season in that part of the world. If you visit before mid-May or after mid-October, the gates are likely to be locked. So plan ahead.

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