Friday, August 30, 2013

Bloomington, Minnesota: Metropolitan Stadium's Home Plate

It's another impressive addition to my collection of photos of home plate markers from destroyed ballparks.

Surely you remember my shot of the plate at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh.

The Minnesota Twins played at Metropolitan Stadium for a couple of decades or so. Then it was time to move into the Metrodome, and the Met came down. The land was later used for the Mall of America.

Someone must have been a baseball fan when the Mall was built. The spot where home plate was is marked in the Mall. In fact, it's in the corner of the Nickelodeon Universe. As I recall, the Peeps Store would be a bit down the first base line from it.

Speaking of landmarks, there's a stadium seat hanging from the wall in the most distant corner of the amusement park, near the log flume ride. That's where Harmon Killebrew's longest home run landed in 1967. It's said to be 522 feet from home plate, although I had to take someone's word for it.

By the way, the Met Center - the home of the North Stars - also was in Bloomington. I didn't hear about any markers from that place.

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