Friday, August 30, 2013

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Target Field

Welcome to Target Field, the beautiful home of the Minnesota Twins. This stadium was only a few years only when we visited, but everyone did a really nice job on the place.

The Twins weren't in town when we visited, but we were delighted to find out that tours of the park were offered. What's more, our tour guide was the Springsteen of his field, taking more than two hours to show the place.

What's on the tour? You get to see the suites, the press box, the rooftop area down the left field line, the visiting clubhouse, and the club seating right behind home place. We didn't get to go on the field or dugout because teams from the Twins' Fantasy Camp were playing a game at the time of our visit; that's who is shown in the picture.

Oh, and naturally at the end we finished at the right-field gate - at the team store. Plenty of Twins' souvenirs there.

The Twins have won awards for "best fan experience" in Target Field. It's easy to see why.

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