Friday, August 30, 2013

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Walker Art Center

It doesn't take Claude Monet to figure out what the high point of the Walker Art Center is. You are looking at it.

We dropped by the place late on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The place was crowded with people, enjoying the sculpture park (the art gallery had already closed, but this was what we came to see).

This work is called Spoonbridge and Cherry, and it is described on the website as iconic. I'd say they got that one right. But there are several other striking pieces on the ground. I wish I could put about 10 pictures up here. Walking around the place is a great exprience, a highlight of any visit to the Twin Cities.

While we were there, the museum had a special display as artists used their imaginations to create miniature golf holes. It's a case of imagination gone wild, as pipes and bumpers go in all sorts of directions. There was an hour and 45 minute wait to get on the course - call it a bag line, if you'd like - so we didn't make it.

Buffalo definitely needs to do something like this on a grand scale.

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