Friday, August 30, 2013

St. Paul, Minnesota: State Capitol

I've been to almost 30 state capitals over the years, and visited many state capitols (amazing what a difference a letter can make). Minnesota has another good one.

It has the usual features. The building is up on a hill overlooking St. Paul. It is the setting for the legislature and the state's Supreme Court as well as some other offices. And, it is made of all sorts of fancy marble with elaborate designs. No matter where you go, it's always impressive.

The Governor also has a reception room in the building, which sounds nicely done. Alas, it was closed on the Saturday afternoon of our visit. We missed the guided tour as well. It's said to be free but the "suggested" donation is $5 per person.

By the way, there was one name I recognized in the building. Alan Page is a judge on the Supreme Court. Football fans remember him from his days with the Minnesota Vikings.

St. Paul is a little more working-class than Minneapolis, and it was nice to see a little of the "other" Twin City. Wonder if I'll ever make it to Pierre?

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