Friday, June 20, 2014

Juneau, Alaska: Glacier Gardens Rainforest Adventure

Steve and Cindy Bowhay owned about 50 acres of land in Juneau that were adjacent to a national forest and located on a steep hill. The land had been clobbered during a heavy storm, causing a creek to overflow. So ... they got to work.

The result is the Glacier Gardens Rainforest Adventure, a surprising outburst of color.

Upon arriving, visitors are taken on a tram and slowly wind their way up the mountain. They eventually reach the top, taking in the plants and flowers along the way, and visit a wonderful scenic overlook of the Juneau region.

But it's the upside-down trees that will catch your attention. Supposedly Steve got frustrated in the clean-up process with a particularly pesky tree, and stuck it in the group the "wrong" way. When plants were placed on the top/bottom, the Gardens suddenly had a unique item.

Here's a look at a few of them together. And I have no idea who the man in the red jacket is; he was on the tour with us. But thanks for lending your image, sir.

For a more full picture in the form of an ad, here's the video from the Glacier Gardens site

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