Friday, June 20, 2014

Juneau, Alaska: Patsy Ann Dog Statue

How many dog statues have their own web site? At least one. Patsy Ann, though, wasn't just another dog.

Whenever a ship came into Juneau's dock area in the Thirties, Patsy Ann - a bull terrier - would run to greet it. This is rather remarkable since Patsy was born deaf. Still, she returned to the wharf again and again - perhaps because visitors would always give her treats.

After a while, the dog was one of the area's best ambassadors. Juneau's mayor opted to name her "the official greeter of Juneau, Alaska."

Patsy Ann died in 1942, and the body was placed in Gastineau Channel. A statue was finished 50 years later, and Patsy Ann is still greeting tourists there to this day.

Check out a longer version of the story here. You can even buy a t-shirt or mug through the site.

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