Friday, June 20, 2014

Skagway, Alaska: Centennial Statue

Tourists who get off the cruise boat or ferry in Skagway are greeting from a statue of two people who obviously come from another time. At least that's the idea of this piece of art.

It's designed to celebrate the centennial of the town, which was celebrated in 1997. Skagway became popular in 1897, when the Klondike Gold Rush began up in the mountains near the city. Many adventurous types came to try their luck, and Skagway became a launching point.

Here the Native packer leads a 30-something from the Seattle area into the hills in search of fortune.

Buildings went up almost overnight at this time, and you can still get a taste of what it was like. The area is a National Historical Park, and the wooden raised sidewalks on a major street in town go on for a few blocks.

When you do walk down Broadway, and you will, be prepared for all of the jewelry shops along the way. Apparently where cruise ships go, jewelry stores go.

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