Friday, June 20, 2014

Skagway, Alaska: White Pass & Yukon Route Railway

What the heck is this?

A sideview probably would have offered more clues, but this seemed more dramatic.

It's actually an old snowplow engine for the White Pass & Yukon Railway, that starts in Skagway. The narrow gauge railroad goes high into the hill and actually makes it into Canada. It gets snowy up there, naturally, so one of these machines was helpful in busting through in order to reach the end of the line.

This line was built around 1900, and served as an important method of moving supplies during the construction of the Alaska Highway during World War II.

This is a nice ride but expensive. The catch comes with the weather, as clouds can hurt the experience. Keep that in mind when deciding whether to go.

Here's a taste of what's on the route:

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