Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Copenhagen, Denmark: Amalienborg Palace

I guess you'd expect the Queen of Denmark to live in a nice place. After all, she comes from more than a thousand years of royal ancestors.

Queen Magrethe just turned 75, and seems to be quite popular. She's done some artistic work and has done some translating of French literary works into Danish - and vice-versa.

She has plenty of company in the palace, which is split into four identical and separate buildings. In addition to a husband, there is son Crown Prince Frederick, his wife Mary, and their four children. Frederick apparently has run some marathons, so it's nice to know running will be a priority in Denmark for some time to come.

There is a museum inside the palace, and it's open to the public. Consider it a way to get a crash course on royalty in Denmark.

I wasn't around for the changing of the guard at the palace. Luckily, YouTube found someone who was:


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