Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Copenhagen, Denmark: King Frederik V Statue

Copenhagen sure has a lot of statues. I didn't see them all, but I did pretty well in the old part of town.

This one is of King Frederik V; it's near the Royal Palace. This isn't your typical king either. For starters, he was an alcoholic. His 20-year reign ended after an accident that took place while he was drunk. In addition, Frederik apparently had several children outside of marriage.

Apparently, no one was willing to say no to him. That goes with the territory when you are King of Denmark and Norway from 1746 to 1766.

You'd have to think that the square in front of the Royal Palace is prime real estate for statues, so Frederik must have done something to earn the good spot. But it's tough to find something in his autobiography, other than the fact that his first wife was by all accounts a sweetheart. Maybe they should have put Princess Louise of Great Britain up on that horse instead.

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