Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Copenhagen, Denmark: Church of Our Saviour

Think it takes a while to get things done in this day and age? It wasn't any better 300 years ago or so.

Christian IV was planning to have a merchant's town in the Copenhagen region in 1617, he and the rest of the group thought a church was a necessity. One went up in 1639, but it was obviously a temporary structure.

Construction on a more permanent building started in 1682, but the "finished product" in 1695 didn't look much more permanent. It took until 1732 to get an altar, and 1752 to finish a spire.

But what a spire. You can see the way it winds up the tower. People have been climbing the 400 steps (the last 150 are outside) for more than 260 years. The tower is considered a national treasure.

Care to see what it's like to go to the top? Come along.


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