Saturday, July 11, 2015

Nacka Stand, Sweden: God our Father on the Rainbow

When entering the harbor of Stockholm, this greets ships. Passengers on those vessels immediately start asking, "What the heck is that?"

It turns out it's a work of art. Go surf the Internet sometime, and you'll find that it's on many lists with other odd but fascinating sculptures.

It's called "God our Father on the Rainbow," although I've seen another reference to it as the arch of heaven. Look carefully and you'll see a figure on top of the arch. That makes the title a little more rational.

Supposedly, artist Carl Milles thought in 1946 that this would look great in the back yard of the United Nations building in New York. It took years, but the idea finally died there. In fact, Milles died too before he had the chance to see the dream realized in suburban Stockholm. Marshall Fredericks picked up the ball, or at least the idea, and ran with it. It's 60 meters tall and was finished in 1995.

When I saw it, I immediately thought of the automatic car washes they have at the rest stops of the Florida Turnpike. You pull in and your car gets sprayed. Were they using it for ships? No. It's good to know Milles had a more spiritual goal in mind, with water a symbol of life.

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