Saturday, July 11, 2015

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is wonderful.

There may be cities as pretty around the world, but none are prettier. Stockholm is laid out on a series of islands connected by bridges, etc. The effect is that from above, it looks as if there are plenty of parks and plenty of rivers for everyone to enjoy.

The Swedes also have placed more than 600 statues around town, and the architecture is frequently colorful and interesting. The city also makes a great entrance by ships. It takes a few hours, literally, for vessels to work their way in from the Baltic Sea, passing pretty little islands along the way. It's sort of like sailing through the Thousand Islands in upstate New York before arriving in Montreal.

There are plenty of attractions, some of which are listed here. I didn't make it to the ABBA Museum and Ice Bar, sadly. As an added bonus, many people speak enough English to be helpful to tourists. So that's not a major issue during a visit by Americans who only know English.

The winters are long and dark, and it's a big city, so living here might not be the best option for some. But I can understand why anyone would want to come for a long visit in the summer.

Here's an introduction to the city:

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