Sunday, July 12, 2015

Skagen, Denmark: Grenen

Welcome to an odd but interesting tourist attraction.

The top of Denmark separates the North Sea (west) and the Baltic Sea (east). For those who look at it on a map, it would seem it's one big pond, with Denmark sticking up at the top to divide it slightly.

And then they go to Grenen, and find out they are really two distinct bodies of water in a large sense. That's because waves come from the North Sea and crash into Denmark from the west. But they also crash in from the Baltic Sea from the east. This is a picture looking almost straight north, and you can see waves breaking on both sides. I'm not sure if there's another place on earth like this.

By the way, each wave leaves a little bit of sand behind. So Denmark's area is growing very, very slowly. Someday, maybe you'll be able to walk to Norway.

This photograph doesn't do it justice of course. So let's go to the video tape, taking no responsibility for the musical choice:

Some of the tours from Skagen don't go to Grenen, but that shouldn't stop you. City buses run to the north to a tourism building (food, souvenirs, bathrooms) once an hour. Then it's a matter of paying for the ride to the point; the tractor/tram is shown in the video. Bring Danish currency for both rides, and go. Oh, and if you have a small towel to wipe the sand off your feet, bring it. You'll thank me later.

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