Monday, October 19, 2015

Biloxi, Mississippi: Sharkheads

Let's say you've decided to open a souvenir store along the waterfront in Biloxi. You need something to call attention to it, right? How about a shark's head that checks in at 32 feet tall?

Yes, that will do it.

When it comes to big souvenir stores along the Gulf, this one looks like the champ. There are a variety of items in there, including the usual shirts and key chains.

As you can imagine, this building took a pounding from Katrina in 2005. There's a picture of it in a YouTube documentary. But it was rebuilt by 2012, better than ever. Everything for sale is on the second floor, with parking at ground level. That won't stop another storm of the century, but hopefully the area won't be hit like that again anytime soon.

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