Monday, October 19, 2015

Biloxi, Mississippi: Katrina Memorial

Hurricane Katrina changed Biloxi forever. The storm will never be forgotten, but that doesn't mean a memorial in a park across the street from the ocean isn't a good idea.

The storm surge was about 12 feet high around the spot of the tribute, so that's how tall the memorial is. The list of those who perished in the worst natural disaster in American history are on the slab of granite.

The box in front of the structure contains objects that didn't complete fall apart in the story's fury. It contains such items as photos and personal objects.

This was constructed by the television show Extreme Home Makeover. That's a slightly curious choice, but somebody did a good job of putting it together.

By the way, the park has some sculptured trees, which are also located throughout the city as citizens decided to put the debris to use. It's quite nice and a little touching.

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