Friday, October 23, 2015

Pearlington, Mississippi: Infinity Science Center

Those who arrive at the Infinity Science Center, just off Interstate 10 in southwestern Mississippi, receive a big greeting.

What you see in the photo is one of the engines used in the Saturn V rocket that sent man to the moon. It was nice of the man on the left to post to give us an ideal of the size of the thing.

Remember, this was one of five engines that were part of the rocket. That's a lot of thrust.

This serves as a visitors center for the Stennis Space Center, and you can leave from here to tour that place. But there are plenty of other science-related exhibits at Infinity. Some are outside, available for tourists at a time. There is a buoy that is placed in the ocean to measure tsunamis. There's a tree that came from seeds that have been to the moon and back.

Inside, visitors can see movies, simulators and artifacts such as a moon rock and astronaut Fred Haise's spacesuit. Sounds educational and fun, all at the same time.

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